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    Hemp Clothing


    Hemp has a history of use in textiles, fabrics and clothing dating back as far as 8000 BC. The reasons for it’s continued popularity throughout ten millenia are still applicable today, and are the basis for the renewed interest in its cultivation and use.

    The hemp plant produces the strongest natural fiber known and the resultant fabric is three times stronger than cotton fabric of the same weight; it is also more absorbent and longer wearing.

    Hemp is very environmentally friendly. A crop of hemp requires no herbicides and also has no need of pesticides. It has no known insect enemies and is also highly resistant to disease.

    We have a great range of hemp clothingfor men and women. With a similar texture to linen, it is cool, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

    Hemp clothing breathes well and provides excellent UV protection. Soft and smooth in texture whilst being strong and durable, it gets even softer over time with repeat wear and washing while retaining its shape and appearance. Extremely hard wearing, it outwears cotton and other natural fibres.